Surprise Mom, Happy Birthday!

Flying has not been my favorite since becoming pregnant. I normally enjoy the excitement of the airport but, with baby sitting in my ribs, I prefer to stay home. Last weekend, I made an exception to fly to NY for my mom’s surprise birthday party. My dad had been planning for months, and I just couldn’t miss being there. He even created a fake flyer for my mom about a nearby St. Patrick’s day party to lure her to the venue.

I landed in New York at 10 am, where my dad and sister were waiting to pick me up. I haven’t seen my family since January, when I was hardly showing. My tummy is much bigger now.

After filling up on good Long Island bagels, the three of us ran around getting ready for the big surprise party. I made a pretty great photo board to go over the dessert table.

On my recent flights, I’ve been keeping busy with my knitting. I love to read the Little Cotton Rabbit blog. She writes about crafting, autism, and spending time outdoors, three things that I think about often. I have been excited to knit one of her stuffed animals. I let Michael pick the pattern, and I should have known he wouldn’t pick the same animal I would.

Anyway, here is my almost finished mole!

My weekend home was great, and my mom was so happy at her party. I was so happy to see everyone, and they were so happy to see me! Everyone was also very excited to put in their vote if baby is a boy or a girl.

Here is my belly right now. What do you think? Boy or girl?

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