Strawberries and Knits

Last month, I shared about my new strawberry plant and my anatomy scan. Baby was looking big, and my garden was looking fresh. Baby was also quite quiet. It was hard to tell if the flutters in my tummy were hungry rumbles or baby’s toes. My strawberry plant was green and growing. I read that the fruit should be fully red before being picked and eaten, but that wasn’t happening.

This strawberry is not fully red but definitely overripe!

However, as I have given our plant more love and sunshine and water, it has started to flourish. Now, once a week I get the treat of the prettiest, juiciest, sweetest berry.

Recently, every morning, I get the treat of big fat baby kicks in my belly. I almost always wake up before Michael (minus being exhausted during the first trimester), and recently I get to spend my alone time with baby. His kicks are almost always in the lower left corner of my belly, right over my hipbone. I say “his” because I think baby is a boy, especially now that his kicks are so big, and my mother-in-law says that Michael was the same way. However, a lot of older women have looked at my belly and said that I am carrying a girl. I guess we will have to wait and see.


Along with my growing strawberries and belly, the projects on my knitting needles are also growing! Just last night, I finished an exciting project!

I love reading The Little Cotton Rabbits blog and used one of her patterns to knit this cozy little mole.

Here he is, naked, with one arm and no tail.

I think that baby is going to love him! He also matches the sweater that I knit for baby a few months ago. For now, I will have to find him a cozy home.

I am also working on the Cumulus Blouse by Petiteknit while Michael and I watch an old season of The British Baking Show at night. It is coming out beautifully, and I am so curious to see if it will fit me once it is done.

I am finding a lot of joy in these alternating stripes and the little sparkles of the fabric. That’s all for now. Thanks for checking in on me and baby, our garden, and our little knits.

With love,

Kristen Mary Carolan

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