Merrily Mailing Thank You Cards

Last year, I stumbled across Design for Mankind, a blog that captivated me for days as I made my way through the extensive archive of posts. It is this post that has stuck with me the most, a frequent reminder of the type of life I choose to live.

I love grocery shopping. I always have. Growing up, I was never too busy to tag along with my dad. He’d go shopping at night to pick up bread, peanut butter, and jelly for next-day lunches, and he would always let me pick out an ice cream flavor for the week. One of my favorite mundane memories includes Sunday morning trips to the bagel shop. My mom would send me in with $20, and I would pick out a dozen bagels to bring home. Once home, I would rush my siblings out of bed to enjoy the slow morning with me. Then, I would choose two bagels and eat one half of each, trying to avoid the hard decision of which flavor to pick.

I still love slow mornings. The thought of a delicious breakfast after a few pages read or a few rows knitted makes me smile. The feeling of having nowhere to rush off to is unrivaled. A slow, thoughtful morning always feels like a sign of a good day ahead.

In Erin’s post that I tagged above, she talks about her “whys” and “how’s” for slowing down your life. The question isn’t “what is slow living” or even “how do I do it?”. She believes that the real question is “what is slow living for?”.

My mom and I talked about this last week after a trip to the bagel store. She had complained that they always take so long. For me, slow living is about enjoying the wait for my bagel. To say hi to the worker and ask about their morning while they very slowly ring me up at the register. To enjoy the drive home, traffic or not, with windows down and music on. Slow living is about being present and content every step of the way.

Writing cards is my new favorite reason to slow down. I have had the most incredible two years, and leaving my baby shower last week, I was filled with so much love and gratitude. Sitting by the water tonight, that feeling of gratitude rushed back in as I thanked my favorite people for their support during this exciting time. I felt grateful to have the time to soak in all of the love around me. I am happy not to dread the task of writing thank you cards.

I guess right now, that is why I choose to live slowly.

With love,

Kristen Mary Carolan

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