Secret Santa Gifts For Your Happiest, Kindest Friend

I love Secret Santas! It is crazy to think that the Christmas season can get any more magical and exciting. For me, a good Secret Santa does just that. Last year, I had my beautiful friend Makayla for our group Secret Santa. I tried to include all of the unique factors that make her so special in her gifts. Here is what I gifted!

1.A Necklace From Mermaid Baubles

Years ago I bought one of these handmade necklaces at a craft fair in Montauk. I have loved being able to continue supporting through Etsy since then. They are so beautiful!

2. Cute Serving Platters

Perfect for anyone who loves to host!

3. A Big Cozy Blanket

Make sure it is huge and soft! If you are going to gift someone a blanket, make sure it is a good one. Preferably, it will be their favorite blanket.

4. Something Silly and Crafty

A fun Christmas craft is a great small bonus gift. Try to find one that is functional and won’t go into the garbage like this paint your own mug.

5. Fun Baking Tins

Fun kitchen items are perfect. Especially when they are unique and don’t take up a lot of room. Look at these fun donut tins!

What do you think? Which of these would you buy for a friend? I’d love to hear your favorite Secret Santa items! I’ve got a few more this season and I could use the inspiration.

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