Pregnant Strolls

I didn’t mean to giggle when my midwife asked me if I was still working out regularly. It’s just that I work as a pediatric occupational therapist with young children, and the whole day feels like a workout. I don’t think I’d be doing my job if I wasn’t chasing kids around, carrying them up the rock wall, and holding them as we crashed down the slide.

I definitely didn’t mean to giggle the second time when she told me that work didn’t count as a workout because I wasn’t sweating at work. If sweating was the only qualification to make a workout, putting my shoes on would be enough physical activity for the day.

I just got home from my walk for the day. I wore my new sun hat and took loads of pictures of the beautiful peacocks, who similarly to me, recently became parents. What a beautiful (and very hot) day.


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