Our First Week

One week ago, Niamh made us a family of three. She arrived, making quite an entrance with a full head of hair and the chunkiest, cutest cheeks. Her name, Niamh, means bright in Gaelic. Her middle name, Kristen, is after me, her mommy—my husband loves telling people this. He has been so proud of me this past week after he watched me deliver our daughter and learn to take care of her. I feel so incredibly grateful, especially when I lie in bed with Niamh in my arms, looking at her sweet little face.

She has my eyes and her daddy’s hair and my grandma’s chin and my mom’s cheeks. She has the sweetest little nose and ears that I’ve ever seen. My favorite thing about Niamh so far though are the sweet noises that she makes and the funny faces that help her wake up from a deep sleep. She raises her eyebrows up high and makes a little circle with her lips.

It’s funny because my whole pregnancy I thought she was a boy. Now that she is here I feel like I have known her forever. Since we were in high school, Michael has been saying he wants a daughter named Niamh one day, and now that she is here, it feels so obvious that she is a girl. Of course, she is. She is the baby girl we have been dreaming of since we were 16.

Both of Niamh’s grandmas flew to Florida as soon as I went into labor, and it was amazing to have them here. They held her when I couldn’t and filled our kitchen with fresh fruit and Entenmann’s. My mom was incredible, supporting us through our crazy delivery. I cannot wait to see her again so soon. Niamh already misses her and Granny Jo so much.

One of my favorite moments with Niamh so far was during our first night at home. She hates the car ride home and was very grumpy and awake her first night. It is the only time she has cried so far when Michael and I just had no idea what she wanted. I held her in my arms and kissed all over her little face, and she loved it. I kissed her tiny nose, her hairy head, and her big cheeks over and over until she fell asleep. I felt like she knew it was me, her mommy, and she felt so safe. It was amazing.

Our first week home.❤️

This colorful ball is her favorite toy. She can stare at it forever.
She also loves her contrast books and luckily doesn’t seem to mind tummy time!

With love,

Kristen Mary Carolan,

Niamh’s Mommy

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