On My Nightstand

The past year has been one filled with a lot of good books. It started with rereading The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, followed by And The There Were None, which lasted me one long Sunday afternoon lying by the pool. Next was the beginning of the Things We Never Got Over Series, Remarkably Bright Creatures, and the end of the Things We Never Got Over Series. That brought me to about three months ago.

Michael and I have always loved having dates at Barnes and Noble. We really take advantage of their membership! More recently, we found a library nearby with a beautiful outdoor space fit for a sunny afternoon picnic. Inside, the shelves are lined with countless books, and in every open corner, you can find a bean bag chair or a couch for two. This is where we have been.

I like the way that libraries introduce me to new books and force me to keep reading! I will admit, however, that The Summer Before the War has been sitting on my bookshelf untouched and overdue.

Just For Fun

Amor Towles is one of my favorite authors. I just finished two of his books—Rules of Civility and A Gentleman in Moscow. I loved both, and if you like period pieces, you will too! A Gentleman in Moscow was the perfect slow-paced, cozy book to read during the holidays this year.

I am also slowly making it through Anna Karenina. I am enjoying it, but I admit that progress is slow!

Becoming a Mommy

Michael and I have read a few parenting books together so far. Most recently, we read Outside Kids In An Inside World. I would rate it 6/10 stars.

Michael just finished Parenting With Love and Logic: Teaching Child Responsibly. He really enjoyed that one!

Personally, my mommy-reading prep has looked a bit different. I have been focusing on bettering myself in ways that will make me a better mom. I really really enjoyed Rewild Your Life. It has inspired Michael and me to start waking up to watch the sunset over the water outside of our home. We would like to avoid our baby watching TV or being on other technology until they are 3 years old, so we will have lots of time to fill up with activities.

I also recommend skimming through Keeping a Nature Journal. It was a quick, fun library visit read.

Manners Begin at Breakfast was also a good read!


If you have any favorites that you would like to suggest, comment them below! I’d love to add them to my list.

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