My Running Gratitude List

November 2nd, 2023

Last year, I started a running gratitude list in the notes app on my phone. Whenever I feel especially grateful for someone or something I jot it down. Here are some of the highlights:

  • having a partner who is there for me during stressful moments (Michael made me breakfast and drove me to the NBCOT exam)
  • hot chocolate
  • knitting
  • reading
  • slow mornings
  • having a partner who volunteers with me
  • my bridesmaids
  • Katie Wall
  • a job I love
  • being able to afford my hobbies
  • Jack
  • my increased sense of self
  • my sisters, Madeline and Erin
  • less worrying about my weight
  • Chiara
  • my boss, Danielle
  • supportive, kind coworkers
  • home cooked dinners

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