My Dream Bake List

I started this post weeks ago after an episode of The British Baking Show. Michael and I are obsessed. Since then, this post has not stopped growing. I figured I should get it finished so that I could start to focus on the baking part!

Enjoy—let me know your dream bakes in the comments! Also, let me know if you have tried any of mine. I would love to hear how it went.

𝟷. Most of the items on this list are inspired by the British Baking Show. I thought I would start with a few that aren’t. The first is a rainbow layered fruity cake. I have plans to make this one soon so watch out for the final result. Hopefully it is a success.

Mine will have fruity pebbles on top instead of sprinkles. This cake will be for a certain very special person.

𝟸. I spent a Thursday evening a few weeks back at an Indian restaurant with some of my friends. We shared a chaimisu after dinner and I’m looking forward to making one of my own! As a coffee hater, a chaimisu is an exciting discovery!

𝟹. I have been wanting to learn to make a strawberry sfogliatelle since one of the best nights of my life spent eating dinner along the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast on my honeymoon. Michael and I started our meal with melon, fresh cheese, and prosciutto, followed by a delicious seafood gnocchi.

We ended our night with a strawberry sfogilatelle. Perfect!

𝟺. Mini-fresh fruit tarts are my favorite (maybe after a Nutella croissant) sweet to eat with tea in the morning. I bought these adorable heart tins to learn how to make them, and now I just have to do it!

𝟻. Now for the British Baking Show recipes…

Puits d’amour is a French bake that translates to “wells of love”. They remind me of croissants and fruit tartsmy favoriteswith their flaky, buttery crust and their creamy decadent interior.

Plus, I had choux pastry on my bake list. Two birds, one stone.

𝟼. Flo’s Gin Jam Butties were one of Michael’s favorites on the show. I’m normally not a fan of a boozy dessert, however these sounds pretty tasty. They are adorable too!

𝟽. Colin the caterpillar. I’m not a big cake girl, but they say every rule has an exception.

𝟾. Babka is my last dream bake on today’s list. It is a perfect combination of my love for bread and my love for desserts.

That is the end of today’s list. There are quite a few more bakes I would love to conquer, but for now, here are my dream bakes. I wonder how long it will take me to try them all. I think my goal will be to make them all before baby comes. What do you think!?

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