My April Garden

Michael and I have gotten serious about getting to bed earlier.. I expect we’ll thank ourselves for this later once baby is here. I’ve been waking up each morning, and after a bit of reading or snuggling, I make my way out to the balcony. Usually, I bring a cup of tea.

I have been starting every day with a bit of sunshine. This has become quite a treat each morning as my little balcony garden has started to flourish.

Two months ago, Michael bought me a beautiful little strawberry plant. We had gone grocery shopping to cook a special dinner after our anatomy scan and saw the plants outside a nearby shop. Its vines grow more charming every week, and recently, I eat a fresh, juicy strawberry every few days. Yum!

Another tasty treat has been these heirloom salad greens that started in my aerogarden. The leaves that are chopped in half were eaten on turkey burgers a few nights ago. This plant grows back just in time every week to add to one of our dinners.

My most exciting plants right now are these brand-new tomatoes that I grew from a seed. Look at all of that healthy, happy greenery! I’ve never grown tomatoes before, but they are a garden staple, so I thought I better learn. I’ve always loved tomatoes (I get that from my mom).

I am currently making mental plans to enjoy little tomato-cucumber finger sandwiches with friends this summer! Honestly, I would eat them alone straight from the vine. Are you a big tomato person?

The little water drop on that top left tomato is so sweet. It’s singing “happy spring!”.

A pop of color on the trellis that Michael and I built last week.

These Bougainvillea plants are very popular in Miami, and with the increased sunshine and rising UV, they are thriving.

True Miami girls.

I can feel the sun slowly starting to set in these three photos. So warm and beautiful.

Over the winter, we had a few stormy days, and we were not home to bring our plants inside. Unfortunately, I’m not so sure my lemon tree is going to come back to life.

However… my banana tree and this hanging plant that I got from a friend are definitely making a comeback!

I am quite a bit too pregnant to be standing on a chair on the balcony to water him, so he has been relocated to the floor.

Last August, on a road trip, we stopped at a fruit stand in Southern Florida called Robert Is Here. What a magical place! I bought the biggest mango I had ever seen. It was delicious! I decided to try to grow a new plant from the seed. Now, I have had this little pot on my balcony, struggling to grow, for 8 months.

I have had a heart-leaf philodendron in my room since we moved to Miami almost two years ago. I cut a piece off and replanted it. To my surprise, it grew! The original plant has crossed the entire wall of our bedroom. It looks so beautiful over my vanity and this giant mirror that we got for free from someone who was moving out of our building!

The little cutting took a while, but now that it’s settled, it is starting its journey across our living room.

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