Morning Moments With Baby

In the first week of my third trimester, I told my midwife that it was going to be my favorite trimester yet. “I know a lot of people say that the second trimester is the best, but not for me,” I told her. “The best is yet to come.”

I’d say I was right. Each trimester was beautiful in its own way, but this third trimester, with the big round belly and strong kicks, has absolutely stolen my heart.

3:30 am

Every morning, I wake up around 3:30 to the feeling of baby kicking. He’s excited for the day to begin. Little does baby know, that out here, it’s still dark, and the world is asleep.

One of my favorite pregnancy memories was the evening of the day I found out I was pregnant. I had gone for a run, and the sunset was beautiful. I walked by the water and felt a sense of intimacy and calm that I had never experienced before. It was just baby and I. No one else in the world knew about you yet. No one knew what I was creating. I put my hands on my flat stomach and couldn’t believe how lucky I was to have you.

Recently, that same feeling of intimacy warms my body each morning at 3 am as I sit in bed with my hands on my stomach, feeling you move while the rest of the world sleeps. It’s just us. That’s when I feel closest to you.

8:30 am

By 8:30, I have usually successfully woken up Michael. It’s quite a difficult job, but I persevere. He hates it when I tickle him but will happily accept head and back scratches. Eventually, he’s sitting up next to me with our book in hand. We have a pregnancy book that tells us a bit about baby’s activities every day. My due date is 48 days away, and baby is almost at the point where he can breathe on his own out here in the big world. I love reading together in the morning.

Recently, we’ve been skipping ahead after our daily page to read about what it will be like when baby is here in our arms.

Then, Daddy tries to wake you up with taps across my stomach. Just a few days ago, it started to feel like you could hear us. You respond to his taps with a kick. I think you’re telling him to “shush”. I hope you’re not as hard to wake up in the mornings as your dad. Sometimes, I sing to you, and Daddy has started to read you books. I wonder if you’ll recognize “If You’re Happy and You Know It”. Maybe it will comfort you.

We love you so much.

9:45 am

My belly is big! The kids at work remind me every day. People in the elevator no longer feel the need to tiptoe around the “Are you pregnant?” questions.

On days that I don’t have work, I love getting dressed for the day. I feel beautiful and feminine in my last three dresses that fit. I wear this dress most days while I cycle through two or three others.

I love the new skincare routine. I feel glowy and beautiful. My belly is happy every morning after receiving its daily coconut oil massage.

10:00 am

On a perfect day, I am in my garden by 10. My balcony garden is small, but it is happy and green. It provides me with strawberry and tomato treats and hibiscus flowers for making tea. My garden also provides me with plenty of giggles.

I like gardening with baby in my belly. I am constantly reminded of you as I struggle to squat down to pick a berry. I giggle when I lose my balance. I daydream about gardening together.

Yesterday, I dropped a tomato while trying to hold too many (maybe it’s time to get a little basket!). It slowly rolled away as I went to grab it. This particular tomato was a sneaky one, and I had no idea he was on an escape mission. He rolled under my wooden bench, and I quickly got onto the floor to grab him. He was much faster than baby and I. And now I’m laughing thinking about how silly I must have looked crawling across the balcony in my too-tight pajamas. Anyway, this particularly sneaky tomato rolled right off my balcony, down an 11-story drop, and out of sight, hopefully, with a splat onto the empty sidewalk.

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