About Kristen Mary Carolan

Kristen infront of the Douro Valley on a wine tour in Porto, Portugal.
Kristen Carolan and her husband at their wedding at Flowerfield, St. James. Photo was taken by photographer Claudia V Ayala.

This Past Year

Just over one year ago I drove from New York to Florida with my mom and sister to move in to my newly purchased home with my fiancé and high school sweetheart, Michael. Since then, I graduated grad school and started my dream job as a pediatric occupational therapist, I started volunteering with the Special Olympics and even became a state champ, I became the wife to a remarkable man and had my dream wedding, and I went on the honeymoon of a lifetime, visiting Europe for my first time, making stops in Italy, Spain, and Portugal.

Growing Up

Before moving to Miami, New York was my home. I grew up on Long Island in a home with my parents, my two sisters, my brother, and our dogs. We lived less than 30 minutes away from all four of my grandparents and a whole bunch of aunts, uncles, and cousins. I am so grateful that I grew up surrounded by so much love.

I love being the oldest of four kids and I believe it has shaped the person that I am today. I am very close with my siblings and they will forever be my best friends. As for my parents, I have always found them incredibly inspiring. They have been happily in love for 27 years and they are the kind of people that, when mentioned in a conversation, everyone at the table agrees that they are as kind as it gets.

Kristen Mary Carolan and her family at Disney World in 2012.

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