Kristen’s Christmas Cookie Party

I threw my first party in our apartment!

I’ve enjoyed hosting in my newish home, but this was my first party with an invitation (is that what makes something a party?).

I had so much fun eating cookies and spending time outside of work with new friends. Michael got along very well with the other plus-ones. That is always exciting as a couple!

Here is the link to the cookie boxes! They were very cute and sturdy. I used images in the reviews to make sure I was folding them correctly—I found it a bit tricky at first.

We played The Grinch on our tv with the volume off. We also made a Christmas playlist on Spotify and played it separately through our speaker.
The Grinch playing was a hit!

Have you seem this trend online? I froze rosemary sprigs into glasses to look like little trees. So cute!

Tip from my worried husband: Freeze thin layers of water at a time to avoid too much water expanding and cracking the glass.

My handsome husband😍

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