I’m Pregnant! and no one knows

Greetings from the aisle seat of a Delta flight. I am on my way to New York. We. We are on our way to New York.

When I say “we” I am referring to myself, my husband, and the little baby growing inside my belly right now.

Aside from Michael and my diary, you are the first to hear the exciting news. I’m pregnant! (That’s not entirely true. I will wait to post this. But, I am writing it today, November 2nd, 2023. I am six weeks pregnant.)

We are on a plane flying to New York for the weekend. We are visiting home because it is Michael’s grandma’s 80th birthday. We are also visiting because if I do not share the good news soon, I will explode!

We will land at JFK Airport in New York at 10:10 pm. 43 minutes away.

My mom is picking us up from the airport. I get my inability to keep a secret from her. I learned I was pregnant on October 16th—over two weeks ago. I surprised Michael with the news on October 21st.

Longest 5 days of my life.

The original plan was to rig a game of Scrabble, a family favorite. I would make sure to go first and put down the word “baby”. Michael would follow up by using the “a” in “baby” to write “pregnant” (hopefully at this point they would get it).

But tonight will be too late for Scrabble and I don’t know if I’ll make it another 24 hours. Plus, my sister Erin is at her dorm tonight so she’d miss the announcement. I could always do something special for just her in the morning.

Okay, scratch that! I just checked Erin’s location and her phone says she is at my parent’s house! I should do it tonight.

I am so nervous and excited. I have a cute Grandma mug for my mom. Maybe I will make her tea tonight and see who notices.

Wow, this is a crazy moment. I have to talk to Michael about our plan. His movie is almost over.

27 minutes until we land.

Wish me luck!

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