I love to knit for my baby.

159 days until baby is here. That’s what my pregnancy book told me this morning.

Growing my blog, improving my baking, preparing my home, my body, and my mind, and knitting. That is where you will find me over the next 159 days!

Here is a sneak peek at what has been on my needles.

Michael’s one request for baby was that I make a hat with ears. While I was in New York for Christmas I picked up angora yarn. I used this Angora Bear Bonnet pattern which only took me a day to make!

my first knit of 2024♡

While on my honeymoon, I bought yarn for three future baby knits—one for each country we visited.

The Seaside Sweater by Petiteknit was my first finished baby project.

a beautiful dress in Lellabella yarn shop in Venice, Italy

The Moby Slipover by Petiteknit was my second honeymoon baby knit .

I am hoping because it is cotton and a vest it will get a lot of wear here in Miami! Yarn is from We Are Knitters in Madrid.

Currently, I am working on a selfish knit. I am making the Cumulous Blouse in a beautiful sparkly blue mohair. I am excited to have it finished as the weather warms up!

Up Next…

Teddy Pants by Petiteknit

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