I like to knit.

I like to knit. I have knit (and crocheted) on and off since I was a child. Over the past few years, I have learned to cherish the time I have to sit with a cup of tea and knit. I am in no hurry. I move slowly.

My husband doesn’t understand it. “It takes a very long time.” “Could you learn to knit faster?” he asks. I could, but I will not.

He doesn’t understand. Many people don’t.

If you do, this is for you.

Crocheted frog baby toy
Seaside set by petite knit in Laines du Nord yarn
Handmade baby ring stacking toy shapes as a frog.

There is a princess inside of the frog holding him up.

Seaside sweater baby by petite knit knit up by Kristen Carolan.
Butterfly socks from 25 charming color work socks book.
Small wooden bear buttons for seaside sweater baby.
Color work socks with butterfly
Butterfly socks from Charlotte stone
Knitted collar.
Blue yarn with blueberries
At home yarn organization bucket
Hand knitted blue collar

This was a christmas gift for my sister.

A song for your troubles.

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