Green Strawberry, Brown Thumb

My parents bought my sister Madeline and me Topsy Turvy planters as kids. She had a tomato plant, and I had strawberries. Every time the delicate white flower petals fell off, and a small green berry appeared, I would wait in anticipation. The green berry would grow, and grow, and grow, and then I would twist, and pull, and bite the green under-ripe berry.

I didn’t wait long enough… again. Oops. Too excited, I guess.

Gardening has been one of my unspoken goals over the past year. Just like my bread baking, knitting, and blogging, gardening has been a part of my journey towards creating healthy routines that I can commit to. Preparing for my first baby to be here feels like a good time to practice taking care of another living thing (even if that living thing is a strawberry plant).

Michael brought me to buy a new plant following our anatomy scan. Our balcony had been looking drab, and spring was quickly approaching.

After an afternoon of spring cleaning and planting our garden looks great! I am feeling inspired to host a little dinner party. Despite a run-in with a scary spider, I couldn’t be happier! With baby coming, I feel so grateful for our home.

Baby is doing amazing. The doctor even used the word “perfect”. It was so special to see baby moving around in funny positions.

At the time of our scan, the average baby is about 8 ounces. Our baby was reading at 12 ounces. We are looking forward to a chunky baby! Michael thinks that baby is a girl but I think that baby is a boy. Look how silly baby looks folded in half with his feet over his head.

The sweetest little toes.

Michael has been an amazing partner throughout this pregnancy. After seeing baby and cleaning up our garden he made us the most delicious baby and mama-supporting dinner! We got black grouper from a local fish market paired with squash and salad. Yum!

With love,

Kristen Carolan ❤️

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