Good Night Phone

“Turn Me On” by Norah Jones was playing through the speaker. I drained the homemade pasta from the pot while he finished making the sauce.

I set the table while he mixes the noodles and the sauce in the serving bowl.

He filled our plates while I quieted the music.

I put my phone to bed.

A small ceramic jewelry box is hidden among the potted plants.

We have a complicated relationship, my phone and me. I let her rest each night so that I may do the same. She sleeps for the night in her box. I enjoy a slow, home-cooked meal with my husband. Then, I do the dishes. Next, I cuddle up with my husband on the couch. He reads. I knit. Last, I make my way to the bedroom.

She stays sleeping in the living room. We will meet again in the morning.

Phone in a jewelry box under a plant

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