Garden Daydreams

Michael and I love to visit bookstores and libraries together. These dates have become an important part of our relationship since moving in together. On quiet weekends, we venture to the library to explore the shelves. On a trip somewhere new, we always find a bookstore to visit. Last year, we returned home from Europe with a suitcase full of wine and books.

Recently, I’ve been reading about gardening.

I have been reading The Elegant & Edible Garden every morning while I wait for Michael to wake up. It’s lovely! Once we are up, I make my way out to my garden to water my plants, battle the pests on my strawberries, and hopefully enjoy a small but exciting treat. With a morning like this, it is no surprise that I frequently find myself lost in thought, daydreaming about my future.

Baby will be here in 7 weeks. Michael and I are constantly talking about the future and all of the things that we are looking forward to. I cannot wait for family walks at sunset and kitchen sink baths.

I also cannot wait for the day we buy our dream home. My garden is going to have a huge table for hosting, a path lined with strawberry vines, and plenty of fruits and veggies to feed our family. We will also have big, beautiful trees for shade so that Michael can enjoy the outdoors (he hates the summer heat) and lots of space for our future kids to play. Michael wants a pond with fish, and I want an outdoor shower. Both of my books say that a garden is not complete without a small orchard, so I guess we will pick fruit trees too!

Hopefully, I will find more success with my fruit trees when they are not confined to a pot on a windy balcony.

I love the way that this entryway looks. There is no doubt that you are entering what is sure to be a lovely garden party beyond that gate.

I also love the whimsical, storybook feeling created by the presence of a fun statue, strawberry vines, and wicker baskets.

Of course, I will need plenty of space and food to share with my favorite people. When my mind floats off to my magical dream garden, I imagine monthly gatherings with everyone we know and occasional fundraisers to put all of my hard work to good use.

I will most likely make ratatouille for our first party. That’s what has been on my big table under a tree in all of my daydreams. Zucchini, squash, eggplant, and tomatoes, all from my garden. Glasses filled with sangria, sparkling with small homegrown berries.

Imagine all of the Easter egg hunt hiding spot potential in this one shot. How exciting!!

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