Is This What Preparing For A Baby Looks Like?

Last month, Michael joked that pregnancy had not made me as crazy as he had expected. I told this to a friend. “Just wait,” they said. “It will come.”

And just like that, it did.

I’m sitting out by the water on a bench. I just practiced yoga. It felt a bit like learning to walk again with my big belly in the way. It also felt very important. One of my many steps to prepare for baby. Yoga.

Here is a real time photo of my view.

Yesterday marks week 24 of my pregnancy. Week 24 is a big one! My book tells me that the medical world now considers my baby “viable”. That means that if baby were to be born tomorrow, they might be able to survive on their own. Isn’t that crazy?!

I have been wrestling with these big emotions that popped up just a few days ago, and I have a theory.

What if the reason we have such strong emotions when we are pregnant is because strong emotions bring about big changes? The idea of breaking down to break through. Things getting worse before they get better. Making an absolute mess of your bedroom before meticulously putting it all back, just the way that baby wants it—we did this last weekend.

I have found that moving my body and doing real life things (getting off of the couch and putting my phone down) has helped manage my emotions and bring forward the happiest ones. That is baby telling me to get off of my butt.

I cried a bit after Michael put our new stroller together. Our first baby item! His grandma sent it to us. That was baby saying “Look how lucky we are, Dad is the best!”

Since the day my emotions ramped up and decided to stay, I have initiated more change and felt more gratitude than I have during the rest of my pregnancy combined. My screen time is down, and my time spent calling my parents is up. The changes are making me a better me, something I’m proud of. The gratitude will help me through the tough times during labor, sleepless nights, and adjusting to our new lives. I can feel it. Baby is viable, and I am ready.

Your crazy mom cannot wait to meet you!

With love,

Kristen Carolan

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