Baby’s First Week Home

The wind just picked up outside of my window. The pink petals from my bougainvillea are dancing through the air, and I am sitting here with my round belly, praying that my sunflowers can brave the wind. At some point during our 48 hours of storms, I started making a list of things that I am looking forward to during baby’s first week. Of course, I turned to Google and Reddit for some advice, hoping to find a fun blog post and some creative suggestions.

“Just survive.”

“Try to get enough sleep.”

“Feed and change them constantly.”

Not the fun answers I was hoping for. So, here is my list. Whether they all happen or not, dreaming of my first week home with baby has made me so happy during this weird time of waiting around and attempting to nest.

Baby’s House Tour

I wonder what it will be like arriving home with baby. It must be such a crazy feeling to look at your husband and think, “Wow, this is our baby. This is our whole world for the rest of our lives.” At least, that’s what I imagine.

When we get home, we are going to give baby a tour of their new home. We have baby’s stroller parked by the front door, a bookshelf of books, toys, and breastfeeding mama snacks in the living room, a little mini bathtub to go in the big bathtub, and a bassinet right next to my bed.

People To Call

Last night, Michael and I made a list of people we have to call to tell them about baby’s arrival. Everyone is wondering when baby will be here and if baby is a girl or a boy. Our list has over 20 people on it! I’m hoping to call a few people a day until I make it through my list.

A Prosecco Toast

On the day Michael proposed to me in August of 2021, we clinked glasses of Lychee Atto Primo, a deliciously sweet bottle of Prosecco. Michael had had an at-home tasting with his mom and sister weeks earlier, and they immediately knew the bottle was perfect.

The day we got engaged, we agreed to become a family, and now, with baby coming, we will truly be a family like we have dreamed about. Definitely a week worth toasting to.

Digging Into Our Frozen Meals

For weeks, we have been cooking our favorite meals and freezing them. Michael and I have been tempted to dig in once or twice, especially on a lazy Sunday night. We will definitely be heating those up once baby is here.

Our Movie List

Michael and I have started a running movie/TV show list so we have a few new movies to watch once baby is here in case we are too tired to pick something. Honestly, some of these ideas are fun because they let us think about what life will look like as parents.

I enjoy any planning that lets my husband and I talk about being parents to a newborn in a positive, exciting way.

That’s my list for now. If I think of more, I will definitely post an update! If you have any baby first-week suggestions, I’d love to hear them. Baby’s first-week planning has helped me stay excited during hot days when I feel like I’m sitting around waiting for baby.

With love,

Kristen Mary Carolan

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  1. Kerry

    you are so cute……my advice……totally OT dorky related….enjoy those little reflexes that you learned about and watch him/her do them. place him/her on your chest in the first day or so and watch the reflex of him/her crawling up your chest (in attempt to find food whether you plan to breast feed or not i t is still so cool to watch.). sending love

    1. Kristen Mary Carolan

      This has been so fun! I have also been so impressed by how she has been able to track toys and how quickly she has learned to open her eyes and look at things. And of course, I love how she squeezes my finger haha. Newborns are so incredible 🙂

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