April Showers Brought May Flowers

So, we don’t actually get showers in Miami. We get downpours or clear sunny skies, no in between. Despite this, the garden is still incredibly happy this month. For the first time, I am producing enough tomatoes that I can use them in meals instead of store-bought ones.

Look at all of these tasty tomatoes!

I also have enough mint and hibiscus flowers in my garden to make my own tea blend. I have been putting my dehydrator to good use, and the tea is delicious! The flowers are so beautiful when they bloom. I also tried candying the petals. I definitely prefer the taste of them in my tea. I’d love to try more tea flowers soon. One day I hope to have a whole tea flower bed!

The last exciting update that I have from last month are my sunflowers. I bought a $2 pack of seeds from Home Depot and threw them in an empty pot. Little did I know that they would grow so quickly. I’m hoping that by my June or July update I will have some beautiful sunflowers to share. For now, I have these cute greens that love their sunny corner.

All of my other plants are doing well. I have a few delicious strawberries ripening every week despite the bugs that I keep having to ward off. The banana tree is growing bigger, the aloe is happily healing our kitchen burns, and my bougainvillea is as vibrant as ever. Despite the heat that suddenly appeared two weeks ago and has decided to stay, I feel incredibly happy sitting out on my balcony enjoying my little garden. Last week was my last week of work. Now, it is time to wait for baby’s arrival so that we can share this space together. I can’t wait!

With love,

Kristen Mary Carolan

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