When I’m a Mom

Did you know that the horns on a Triceratops were no match for most predators? They were actually just there so that the male dinosaurs could fight over females. Also, a Tyrannosaurus Rex could eat 500 pounds in one bite!

This weekend, I visited the Fairchild Botanical Garden here in Miami. It was incredible! Over 80 acres of water, plants local and tropical, butterflies, lizards, birds, and dinosaurs. Currently, they have a Jurassic World exhibit with life-sized dinosaurs, hence the fun facts.

I cannot wait to go back. I’ve been losing myself in thoughts of park dates with baby. We will spend every minute of every day doing the most important things–playing, laughing, exploring. It’s exciting to think about how important our time together will be. Every seemingly small experience will be incredible for baby–seeing his first butterfly, rolling over in the grass, cooing in excitement as he spots his first fish. Everything is an opportunity for baby to learn something new and become stronger.

I often spend too much time on my phone. It is hard not to pick it up between the moments of doing real things throughout the day. Get ready for the day, check my texts, make pancakes while listening to music in the kitchen, scroll on Instagram, work, look at my email, go for a walk, back on Instagram. Once baby is here, I will not have any desire to be on my phone. My job will be to spend moments between the “real life” helping baby grow and learn. Get ready for the day, do tummy time together on the play mat, make pancakes while listening to music in the kitchen, dance in the living room, work, drive to the park, go for a walk, nap under a tree. Those moments will be our life and they will be unequivocally valuable.

Sometimes I find myself searching for more meaning in my days and regretting the time I waste in silly ways. Every Thursday, I drive home from volunteering with our Special Olympics paddle board team feeling like that is how I should feel every minute of every day, like the time I spent there was valuable. With baby, I hope I always remember the importance of every minute spent together.

22 days until baby is due. I cannot wait to welcome my most important role yet.

With love,

Kristen Mary Carolan aka. Mom

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