Kristen Carolan

Hello, my name is Kristen. Welcome to my blog!

I am a daughter, sister, wife, friend, occupational therapist, knitter, yoga practitioner, volunteer, and lover of all things done in the sun.

Kristen Carolan and her husband drinking prosecco on a boat in Positano.
Kristen Carolan standing on a balcony in an orange dress.

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My Blog

  • The Swing of Things
    Earlier, I was lying in bed with Niamh on my chest. It’s her favorite place to sleep, snuggled between mommy and my warm yellow blanket. I love kissing the top of her head every time I glance down at her while she dreams of angels kissing her chubby cheeks. She makes the sweetest sounds when she sleeps, and when I… Read more: The Swing of Things
  • Niamh’s Blue and Yellow Sweater
    On the last night of my honeymoon, I wore a floor-length, fitted red dress and black kitten heels. A car picked us up at our hotel in Porto, Portugal, and drove us through the city where the lights from the Yeatman Hotel danced on the river and the bridge was crowded with people heading home from world-famous bookshops. As the… Read more: Niamh’s Blue and Yellow Sweater
  • Our First Week
    One week ago, Niamh made us a family of three. She arrived, making quite an entrance with a full head of hair and the chunkiest, cutest cheeks. Her name, Niamh, means bright in Gaelic. Her middle name, Kristen, is after me, her mommy—my husband loves telling people this. He has been so proud of me this past week after he… Read more: Our First Week