Kristen Carolan

Hello, my name is Kristen. Welcome to my blog!

I am a daughter, sister, wife, friend, occupational therapist, knitter, yoga practitioner, volunteer, and lover of all things done in the sun.

Kristen Carolan and her husband drinking prosecco on a boat in Positano.
Kristen Carolan standing on a balcony in an orange dress.

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My Blog

  • Merrily Mailing Thank You Cards
    Last year, I stumbled across Design for Mankind, a blog that captivated me for days as I made my way through the extensive archive of posts. It is this post that has stuck with me the most, a frequent reminder of the type of life I choose to live. I love grocery shopping. I always have. Growing up, I was… Read more: Merrily Mailing Thank You Cards
  • My April Garden
    Michael and I have gotten serious about getting to bed earlier.. I expect we’ll thank ourselves for this later once baby is here. I’ve been waking up each morning, and after a bit of reading or snuggling, I make my way out to the balcony. Usually, I bring a cup of tea. I have been starting every day with a… Read more: My April Garden
  • Four Perfect Baby Shower Dresses!
    My baby shower is coming up! I will be in New York in two weeks (my last flight before baby!) to celebrate with all of my favorite people. I cannot wait. After I return home I think that time is going to fly. I keep telling myself that I have so much time, but occasionally baby moves a certain way… Read more: Four Perfect Baby Shower Dresses!